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"An engrossing thriller involving the government's attempt to cover-up th cause of a mid-air collision. Multiple plots with strong character interaction. A very dramatic story that will hold your interest."

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About the Author

Edmund M. Strong is an authentic New Yorker from Brooklyn; brash, opinionated, and combative, with little tolerance for phonies. He is a veteran of twenty-nine years as a Professional Air Traffic Controller having worked at some of the largest radar and control tower facilities in the United States: Miami; Denver; Oakland; and Washington-Dulles to name a few. Retired from the Federal Aviation Administration, he now runs his own consulting business and has testified and provided air traffic control expertise in some of the biggest aviation crashes in US history. His novel reflects his protagonist's "take no prisoners" attitude towards the Department of Justice, the FAA, "affirmative action" and the proponents of "political correctness". Testament to his tenacity is forty plus years of competitive running including nineteen marathons and countless 10K's.

Ed Strong is a Commercial-Instrument, Multi-engine pilot. He holds advanced Flight Instructor and Ground Instructor ratings and is a graduate of Barry University, Miami, Florida with a BS degree in Business Administration. He is also an accomplished pianist, and an advocate of Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman. Ed now makes his home in Ft. Myers, Florida where he pursues sailing and tennis.


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