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Orígenes de la aviación (3500 a.C. hasta 1903)


The book Origins of Aviation (3500 B.C. to 1903) is part of the catalogue of publications produced by the Spanish Ministry of Defence. It is an outstanding work among the more than a thousand texts that appear in this catalogue.

Directed for all those lovers of the history of the Aviation. It offers a detailed vision of the history that the man lived up to the reach of one of the most important achievements of the humanity: the flight.

With it we get to know and identify the experience of humanity in the field of aviation, from its origins to the present day.

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The humanity from the beginning has wanted to imitate birds, he has wanted to rise above his fellow men to consider himself superior, he has done the impossible to reach it and at last he has achieved it.

With this work the reader will be aware of the events and facts of the past that have allowed the appearance of aviation. At the same time, it allows us to understand its development and evolution to the present day.

A full color print on high quality paper that will be the delight of aviation lovers.

Its renowned author, Cesar Martín Porta, worked for fifteen years as secretary of the Friends of the Aeronautics and Astronautics Museum Association.

Its content is divided into the following blocks:

3500 B.C. until 1783. The man who wanted to fly.


1784-1856. The era of hot air balloons.


1857-1888. The development of hot air balloons.


1889-1903. The dawn of aviation.


Author: Martín Porta, César

Publisher: Ministry of National Defence, Spain

Language: Spanish

Format: Soft tops

Size: 21 cm. X 30 cm.

No. of pages: 172

ISBN: 9788497814324



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