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Never Get Lost


The book "Never Get Lost", written by the Austrian Wilhelm Thaller, will lead you to know and understand in an easy and simple way the information provided by the plane's navigation instruments.

Seeing the instruments and interpreting them correctly is, according to this author, the key to solving situations of loss of orientation of the pilot. The secret is to see, interpret properly and practice.

This manual is ideal for learning and interpreting radio navigation.

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According to the author of this book, Wilhelm Thaller, navigation in an airplane is mainly about knowing its position. Only if the pilot correctly displays his position in relation to the navigation aids and the airfield, will he be able to navigate accurately.

Seeing the instruments and properly reading the information they provide, rather than making calculations, is Wilhelm Thaller's formula for success that reaches the quintessence of navigation.

"The secret is to learn and practice"

The author explains in understandable terms, the amount of information revealed by the navigation instruments, information that is often ignored, if he doesn’t have the capacity to understand and manage it.

What are the best flying skills for a pilot if he is surprised by loss of orientation?


Author: Wilhelm Thaller

Publisher: Wilhelm Thaller

Language: English

Format: Hardcover

No. of pages: 260

ISBN: 9783000086434

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