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Book that gathers theoretical knowledge for the obtaining of the Private Pilot License, in the matter of AERIAL NAVIGATION.

This third edition includes an in-depth review and updating of the topics dealt with, which, compared to previous editions, has led to an increase in the volume of the book of more than 40%. Its author, Joaquín C. Adsuar develops the official syllabus of the Joint Aviation Requirements (JAR).

Within the framework of the JAR programme, the main objective of this work, aimed at both private and commercial pilots, provides a working tool for the study of Air Navigation and Radionavigation.

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The applicant for a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) must demonstrate a level of theoretical knowledge appropriate to the attributions granted to the holder of that licence (JAR-FCL). The requirements for the theoretical knowledge examination are contained in a programme (sílabus) comprising nine subjects: Air Law, General Knowledge of the Aircraft, Performance and Flight Planning, Human Factors, Meteorology, Navigation, Operating Procedures, Principles of Flight and Communications.

The author of this book, D. Joaquín C. Adsuar, with more than 30 years of experience in theoretical and flight teaching, fully develops the official JAR program for the private pilot's license on AERIAL NAVIGATION.

This new edition includes an in-depth review and updating of the topics covered, which, compared to previous editions, and has led to an increase in the volume of the book of more than 40%.

This book develops in its entirety the official JAR program for the private pilot license on Navigation and Radionavigation.


Author: Joaquín C. Adsuar

Publisher: PARANINFO

Language: Spanish

Format: Soft covers

Size: 19 cm. X 26 cm.

No. of pages: 353

ISBN: 9788428329477




1. Shape of the earth

2. Maps

3. Orthomorphic or conformal conical projection (ICAO Charter 1:500,000)

4. Address

5. Aircraft magnetism

6. Distances

7. Charts in practical navigation

8. Reading charts and maps

9. Principles of navigation

10. The navigation computer

11. Time

12. Flight planning

13. Practical navigation.



14. Radionavigation: terrestrial D/F

15. Radionavigation: ADF, with associated beacons (NDB) and use of RMI

16. Radionavigation: VOR/DME

17. Radionavigation: GPS

18. Radionavigation: Ground radar

19. Radionavigation: secondary surveillance radar.


Alphabetical index.

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