Análisis de Fallos en Sistemas Aeronauticos 9788428337144 Paraninfo Mechanic / AMT

Análisis de Fallos en Sistemas Aeronauticos


Book whose genesis is the investigation of the technical aspect of the aerospace industry, with an interdisciplinary perspective and an integral vision of contribution to operational safety.

It is a useful work for all sectors and specialties of aeronautical activity. The contents and analysis are of interest in the operational safety of both commercial operators and general aviation or military organizations with air assets.

Through technical advances and the investigation of accidents and unsafe events, the industry has managed to increase safety levels; with this criterion the work is structured.

From man's first contacts with the failures of his rudimentary tools to the complex composite materials currently used by the aerospace industry, this work covers the broad spectrum of raw materials, intrinsic properties, typical behaviour, and susceptibility to failures.


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The text is structured in such a way that the reader can use this book as a technical reading or as a reference manual on specific topics. The chronology of the topics has developed from an evolutionary historical framework, starting from raw materials and manufacturing techniques, concepts of aeronautical structures, fracture mechanics, failure analysis (with and without fracture), fatigue mechanics, international analysis and research protocols, human and organizational factors in the technical area, to a compendium of typical cases that enables easy understanding of abstract concepts.

The work is structured in 13 chapters, developed with a theoretical academic approach, a historical frame of reference and processes of analytical verification. Likewise, in all cases and chapters, data, images and graphs obtained from real investigations of failures in service in the aeronautical industry have been used. Likewise, the book is nourished by a large amount of information obtained during the process of technical investigation and detection of failures in aviation accidents and incidents.

As previously indicated, the work as a whole presents a marked systemic vision whose objective is to find the deep causes of the failures and the latent conditions present in the system that propitiate the accidents and incidents.

The author, a technical investigator of aviation accidents, has been dedicated for more than 15 years to the study of operational safety from the technical field, for which he has participated in the investigation of accidents in transport aviation, general aviation and sports aviation. He is currently working in the aeronautical authority of the Argentine Republic as national director of investigations. He has also taught specific technical research topics and is the author of other works related to this field.       


Author: Augusto Javier de Santis

Publisher: Paraninfo

Language: Spanish

Format: Soft Covers

Size: 24 cm. X 17 cm.

No. of pages: 496

ISBN: 9788428337144


  • History and evolution of failure analysis
  • Aeronautical materials. Raw materials, forming and assembly
  • Aeronautical Structures
  • Failures without fracture
  • Theory of fractomechanics
  • Fractures
  • Fatigue
  • Aeronautical woods
  • Polymers
  • Composite Materials
  • Human performances in the technical area
  • Technical Analysis Protocol
  • Service failure analysis
  • Glossary
Augusto Javier de Santis
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