CAE Oxford Interactive is the development unit within CAE Oxford Aviation Academy specialising in the production of training materials and solutions for the aviation training industry. There are a variety of products developed and available to students and training organisations to support theoretical knowledge courses. The products range from interactive multimedia computer-based training (CBT) and traditional textbooks to a learning management system (LMS) for the delivery of online content.

Design Team

The core design team are based at Oxford Airport and have over 50 years of combined experience in producing Computer Based Training (CBT). We are specialist designers and programmers, not aviation specialists, so we work closely with subject specialists (usually from CAE Oxford Aviation Academy's Ground Training department) to produce content.

A typical CBT with a runtime of 4 hours will take 1 designer and 1 subject specialist about 6 months to produce. This may seem like a long time but we put all of work through several layers of quality control and peer review to make it the best that it reasonably can be.

We currently produce CBT for online delivery and target as many platforms as possible, including desktop, mobile and tablet browsers. We also produce printed and electronic books (eBooks).

Subject Specialists

The content is written by CAE's team of highly experienced ground instructors - the same instructors who teach our own students.

CAE Oxford Aviation Academy ground school instructors all possess a wide aviation background boasting many thousands of flying hours between them. With a mix of ex-military and civilian aviators, they also have a proven pedigree in classroom instruction. Each instructor will teach more than one subject however, each subject will have a dedicated subject matter expert (SME), who will be responsible, in conjunction with the design team, for maintaining and updating the course content and presentations to ensure that students receive the best possible learning experience.

A Brief History

In 1997, CAE Oxford Aviation Academy's predecessor, Oxford Aviation Training (OAT), created a detailed and objective ground training syllabus for the new JAR-FCL ATPL and soon became the European leader in this area, playing a central and key role in delivering the official JAR-FCL ATPL theoretical knowledge. During the period leading up to the introduction of the new JAR-FCL syllabus in 2000, OAT took the decision to invest in and develop JAR-FCL ATPL theoretical knowledge textbooks and it was then that we started development operations. Since then, our ATPL textbooks, which are now updated to meet EASA syllabus requirements, have become the standard material used by ATPL student pilots and training organisations around the world for the completion of ATPL theoretical knowledge training.

Following the production of the ATPL books, CAE Oxford Interactive Learning continued to develop new successful products: a series of interactive multimedia CBT modules (covering all ATPL and PPL theoretical knowledge subjects), a unique series of PPL books, Mathematics and Physics CBT for those who wish to brush-up their knowledge prior to commencing pilot training and an online LMS platform for the delivery and monitoring of online content.

CAE Oxford Interactive continues its work on the development of tailored training material and product updates in line with regulatory changes, customer requests and training demand.

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