Bose has been a household name in consumer electronics for a long time, but some might not know that the company’s roots in active noise cancellation technology actually began on an airplane more than four decades ago.

On a long flight in 1978, Dr. Amar Bose tried on a set of airline-provided headphones, only to experience increased noise from the aircraft. It was during this flight from Europe to the U.S. that Dr. Bose first sketched his concept for noise cancellation technology.

Combine Bose’s 30 years of aviation headset research and development with its commitment to TSO certification, and it’s clear why Bose aviation headsets perform to a high standard. But the best way to understand that difference is by experiencing the A20 or the ProFlight Series 2 for yourself. You can do that risk-free with Bose’s 60-day test flight opportunity.

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