Founded in 1982 Avion Revue Internacional is a leader in aeronautical information in Spanish. Since its inception it has reflected every aspect of aviation, from commercial to military aviation, aerospace, history, technical and business aviation. Month after month, Avion Revue covers all the latest news and highlights from the world of aviation, both national and international, in Spain and Latin America.

Avion Revue enjoys an impeccable reputation for in-depth professional reporting and has a rich tradition in aviation journalism. From its leading position, it maintains correspondents, photographers and contributors around the world, providing the latest news, the most rigorous articles and stunning images on aviation, aircraft and space.

Its content includes:

Commercial aviation, new aircraft models, airlines and airports, new routes.

Military aviation, operations, projects, technology and future acquisitions.

Aviation history

Aeronautical education and training, schools and degrees.

Spotting around the world

Aerospace industry, both military and civilian

The latest aeronautical sport news and developments.

Flight test of the latest aircraft

Airline industry - airlines, manufacturers, products, financials, who's who in the industry with in-depth interviews.

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