In 2001, the company Actividades Varias Aeronáuticas S.L. was created with the main purpose of responding to an important demand for aeronautical publications that encompassed the training contents regulated by the European Aviation Authorities for obtaining the different flight pilot licenses.

In this way, its corporate purpose is constituted by:

a) The realization, design, edition, binding and distribution of any type of document, such as books, guides, catalogs and magazines, by means of written or audiovisual support referring to fundamentally aeronautical subjects.

b) Likewise, the management of copyrights, as well as any kind of advice to writers and authors regarding the publication, edition and distribution of their work.

This page aims to go a step further, so that we can offer a closer service to all those who want to directly acquire any of the publications published by AVA.

Likewise, through the "Contact" link in the menu, anyone who has an idea, offer or publication of possible interest and would like to put it into book form, can send it to the publisher for a prior evaluation of feasibility and viability by our analysts. With the first results, our managers will contact the interested party for a more detailed study. In this way we try to collaborate in the achievement of an adequate aeronautical material both in quality and, most importantly, in quality.

From here we would like to thank all those who, since the creation of AVA, have collaborated in the support and growth of the publishing house, making it possible for us to be close to becoming the aeronautical publishing house of reference at national level.

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