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Los frutos del cielo


Carlos Salazar, a writer accustomed to dealing with issues related to air accidents in Spain in his books, dares for the first time to write a work of fiction, which also uses the aeronautical resource for the plot of his novel.

Based on the mystery, fifty years later, of the causes of the multiple accidents of the Comet DH, has attracted our attention by using the first commercial reactor in history as a literary resource.

The Boeing-Airbus rivalry appears in this novel with an aeronautical plot. But "Los Frutos del Cielo", as his novel is called, offers us much more: love, friendship, state secrets and dark economic interests of the aeronautical industry.

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The protagonist of this novel, following a trip to Turin, discovers some secret manuscripts that once belonged to an important Italian physicist. In them is a spectacular work based on unknown particles that are in the atmosphere and appear in certain circumstances. The work is unfinished, but the certainty that this is something very important, will motivate you to work tirelessly with the idea of concluding the investigation.

Eva, his intern and right-hand man during the whole project, will lead him to live a wide personal and professional experience. If the research is successful, the sale of her patent to the American giant Boeing will drastically lower the price of her aircraft, which will shake the stability of the European Airbus consortium. A plane crash and a dramatic break in love will lead Luismi and Eva to unite more and more every day and to live a deep and sincere love relationship.

In the middle of the events, different characters intermingle to dust off a secret that has been submerged for more than 50 years about the causes of the accidents of the first commercial reactor in history. All this is going to mean a historic event on a world level. At last the world will know what in its time meant the highest state secret.

A day by day where innumerable circumstances occur under the climate of feelings, where friendship and betrayal appear intermittently. A life full of family circumstances, which in some cases irremediably marks the destiny of some characters.


Author: Carlos Salazar

Publisher: Bucker Book S.L.

Language: Spanish

Format: Soft tops

Size: 21 cm. X 14 cm.

No. of pages: 216

ISBN: 9788461373505

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