Managing Risk: Best Practices for Pilots ASA-RISK ASA Human Performance and Limitations

Managing Risk: Best Practices for Pilots


According to the authors, Dale Wilson and Gerald Binnema, flying involves risks. Fortunately, most of these risks have been identified and managed to remarkably low levels. However, accidents still occur, and the key to successful flying is a thorough understanding of the risks and how to effectively manage them.

"Managing Risk: Best Practices for Pilots" uses actual aircraft accident examples, statistics, aviation safety studies, and the authors' more than 60 years of combined experience as pilots and flight safety educators to document and describe the 10 most significant accident threat categories, and shed light on the applicable human-factor issues that make pilots vulnerable to them.

It’s an enormously valuable book for Aeronautics as well as Aviation, Piloting and Flight Instruction.

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This book provides practical strategies as well as "best practice" countermeasures pilots can use to avoid or effectively manage risks during crucial phases of flight. Readers will have a more complete knowledge of the external threats to flight safety, coupled with a deeper understanding of how human errors often play out in the cockpit.

Students and pilots at all certificate levels will improve their risk management skills by learning the practices described in this book, and ATP applicants will find it fulfills a portion of the new knowledge requirements that become effective August 1, 2014.


Authors: Dale Wilson and Gerald Binnema

Publisher: Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc. ASA

Language: English

Format: Soft cover

Size: 18.4 cm. X 22.9 cm. x 1.3 cm.

No. of pages: 231

ISBN: 9781619541092





About The Authors


1. The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

2. The Big Sky Is Not So Big

3. Do You Want To Be A Test Pilot?

4. Pushing Weather

5. Can You Survive The Ride?

6. How High Can You Fly?

7. Don’t Be Caught In the Dark

8. What You See Is Not Always What You Get

9. Which Way Is Up?

10. Where Am I?

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Written by Dale Wilson and Gerald Binnema, with a Foreword by John J. Nance.

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