Aspectos de Medicina Aeronáutica y Primeros Auxilios 9788491933014 Formación Alcalá Human Performance and Limitations

Aspectos de Medicina Aeronáutica y Primeros Auxilios


When a person is called to the profession of Flight Attendant (Flight Attendant) it is because they think of airplanes, trips, people, countries, clouds, flights, procedures, freedom, but I have not met anyone who, a priori, feels the desire to know the human body, its physiology, its pathologies and the first aid to be provided.

The challenge of this manual is to make them understand and be enthusiastic about medicine at the end of the course, in addition to its usefulness for passing the exam.

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Its specifications are included in the Guide that AESA (Aviation Safety State Agency) published on 15/02/2014 (entry into force on 01/03/2014) under the title Requirements for the approval of the delivery of the initial training of TCP in training organizations and so it appears in Section 8 (page 14) part 8.1 entitled Content and duration of the course.

AESA sets the guidelines for the minimum contents to be taught in each of the subjects but gives the freedom to add additional contents if deemed necessary to complete the training, as well as to change the established order of the contents if deemed appropriate.

No. of pages: 160pages.

Binding: Soft Cover

Publisher: Formación Alcalá SL

Language: Spanish


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