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This manual develops in detail the program proposed by the JAR-FCL for obtaining the title of airline pilot in matters related to Performances, Load-Centered and Flight Planning.

The ultimate goal of the book is to provide the student with sufficient knowledge to be able to correctly interpret an airport analysis, a cargo sheet, as well as an operational flight plan.

The work, although focused on pilots in training, is also of interest as a reference manual and consultation for any professional directly involved in air transport. It is considered of great utility for those candidates who wish to pass the tests and enter to work in the Air Companies.

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This book follows the program of studies and learning objectives proposed by the JAR-FCL for obtaining the title of pilot of airlines in such essential issues as Performances, Load-Centered and Flight Planning.

Given its graphs, diagrams, data tables and exercises, it is the ideal tool for successfully passing the tests that are required of students in this subject.

Manual of easy comprehension and of enormous utility that has been revised to contain batteries of updated questions as well as important practical exercises.

It is an indispensable book for obtaining the pilot's title as it trains the student in the correct interpretation of airport analyses, loading sheets and operational flight plans.

The author, J.C. Esteban Berrocal, airline transport pilot, provides with this book a great help not only to the students who want to obtain the pilot's licence but also to those candidates who want to enter to work in the Air Companies. This is due to the fact that the percentage of this subject, contained in the theoretical-practical exams of access to the companies, is one of the highest.


Author: Jose Carlos Esteban Berrocal

Publisher: J. C. Esteban Berrocal

Language: Spanish

Format: Soft tops

Size: 29.7 cm x 20.8 cm

No. of pages: 299

ISBN: 9788461229918


Topics included:

Density Altitude

Performances. Lightweight engines

Performances. Lightweight twin engines. FAR 23

Performances jet planes. FAR 25

Loading and centering. Light Aviation

Advanced loading and centering. Commercial aviation

Flight Planning

Practical exercises

Questionnaire responses

JAR-FCL. Learning Objectives

Analytical Index

Glossary of abbreviations






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