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Book that gathers theoretical knowledge for the obtaining of the License of Private Pilot, in the matter of METEREOLOGY.

This second edition, totally updated, is supervised and verified by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and its author, Joaquín C. Adsuar, develops the official syllabus of the Joint Aviation Requirements (JAR).

This manual includes all those comments or questions that, in the opinion of the author, could contribute to the fundamental objective not to move from the opportune learning to the simple passing of a test.


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The aspirant for a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) must demonstrate a level of theoretical knowledge appropriate to the attributions granted to the holder of that licence (JAR-FCL). The requirements for the theoretical knowledge examination are contained in a programme (sílabus) comprising nine subjects: Air Law, General Knowledge of the Aircraft, Performance and Flight Planning, Human Factors, Meteorology, Navigation, Operating Procedures, Principles of Flight and Communications.

The author, with an experience of more than 30 years in theoretical and flight teaching, fully develops the official JAR program for the private pilot's license on METEOROLOGY and includes, in addition, all those comments or questions that, he has estimated, could contribute so that the fundamental objective doesn't move from the opportune learning to the simple passing of a test.

This second revised and updated edition has been supervised and verified by the General and Sports Aviation Service of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and adapts to the required link of theoretical knowledge of the JAR/FCL, to obtain the private pilot license of new implementation.


Author: Joaquín C. Adsuar

Publisher: PARANINFO

Language: Spanish

Format: Soft Covers

Size: 19 cm. X 26 cm.

Nº of pages: 250

ISBN: 9788428328586





1 The Atmosphere

2 Pressure, Density and Temperature

3 Humidity and Precipitation

4 Pressure and Wind

5 Cloud Formation

6 Fog, Mist and Haze

7 Air Masses

8 Frontology

9 Ice Formation

10 Storms

11 Flight over Mountain Areas

12 Climatology

13 Altimetry

14 Meteorological Organization

15 Weather Analysis and Forecasting

16 Meteorological Information and Flight Planning

17 Aviation Weather Information


Alphabetical Index



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