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El avión y su entorno


For those who join the aeronautical world, from primary, secondary or professional studies. For future professionals, experienced professionals or simply lovers of the subject.

A book to know the environment of the airplane and everything that is done around it: the rules, the future of professions, myths, concepts, curiosities, and so on.

It is a contact with the reality of the plane and its environment, often studied in a theoretical and impractical way.

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It is a contact with the reality of the plane and everything that surrounds it, often studied in an academic but impractical or realistic. It gathers all the knowledge acquired through the professional and formative experiences of the author, Mr. Cesar Moya Villasante.

For all those who join the aeronautical world, from primary, secondary or professional studies. This work is an approximation to the content that they will find and that they will have to face in a professional way.

A book aimed at those who, although not professionals in this sector, want to enter this world or those future professionals who want to enter in a vocational way.

Extremely practical, its aim is to clarify concepts and make the subject easily understandable.

In addition to being a work of enormous usefulness for its content, the approach that makes towards the knowledge of the plane, it is important to reflect that the economic benefits of the same are intended for the NGO Messengers of Peace, whose main objective is the human and social promotion of the most disadvantaged nuclei of society.


Author: Cesar Moya Villasante

Publisher: Vivelibro

Language: Spanish

Format: Soft Tapas,

Size: 24 cm. X 17 cm.

Nº of pages: 107

ISBN: 9788494252976



Aviation and its environment

Basic definitions

The basis of training in regulations and standards

Airworthiness and its variables

Main technical manuals

Approved licences for aeronautical technicians

Quality in the aeronautical sector. Air Safety 

Attention to the plane on line

Action on a deferred

Operational concepts. The flight

The present and future of the aeronautical professions

Urban clichés and legends



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