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Cien Aviadores de España


This fantastic book, by Aviation Colonel D. Emilio Herrera Alonso, gathers the biographies of one hundred Spanish aviators, which show the military vicissitudes of 20th century Spain.

In this work, of enormous historical value, it is possible to see how the long and bloody War of Morocco developed and how, after it, the Spanish aviators launched themselves to fly gloriously over four continents and two hemispheres. The heroic feats of the aviators of both sides in the Spanish Civil War and the magnificent performances of the squadrons that fought during World War II are collected in this magnificent book for lovers of aviation and history.

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"Cien Aviadores de España" is part of the catalogue of publications produced by the Ministry of Defence. It is an outstanding work among the more than a thousand texts that appear in this catalogue.

Aimed at all those who love the history of aviation, it offers a detailed view of the history of Spain through the biographies of one hundred prestigious aviators.

Through a hundred brief biographical sketches, we can follow in this work the military vicissitudes of Spain throughout the twentieth century and while they present the men who served their country with silver wings on their chest, we will see how the long and bloody War of Morocco developed - true forge of Spanish Military Aviation - and how, barely finished the rude contest that so much Spanish blood made run by the dry ravines of the Rif and the rough mounts of Yebala, they launched themselves to fly gloriously over four continents and the two hemispheres, the colors of Spain in the badges of their airplanes, taking their wings to the farthest points of what had been our immense colonial empire.

Spain's hard War, in which so much heroism, spirit of surrender and sacrifice was wasted by the air force of both sides, and the magnificent performance of the squadrons that fought on the Russian front during World War II, are exposed in the profiles of these one hundred who are a minimum part of the many who stood out serving Spain in the air.


Author: Emilio Herrera Alonso

Publishing: Ministry of Defence, Spain

Language: Spanish

Format: Soft Covers

Size: 21.4 cm. X 14.9 cm.

No. of pages: 423

ISBN: 9788478237913



D. Emilio Herrera Alonso, a retired Aviation Colonel, has published several works on historical matters and is co-author of several others; he collaborates regularly in “Revista de Aeronáutica”, “Aeroplano” and other technical magazines, and in the Great Encyclopedia of Cantabria he wrote the voices related to Aeronautics, and the biographical sketches of aviators and laureate knights, Cantabrian.

He is a founding member of the Institute of Aeronautical History and Culture, and of the Center of Montañeses Studies of which he was President between 1989 and 1996.


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