Official supplier to the US Air Force (USAF).

We are an all-American aviation clothing brand that creates fashion collections with authentic materials and hardy construction, drawn from our historical archive of military apparel.

Current Supplier to the US Government since 1980. Official Supplier to the US Air Force of the A-2 Leather Pilot Jacket. Largest production of quality Made In USA Outerwear.

Capability to personalize existing outerwear or create new special styles for corporate sales and incentive programs thanks to its "MADE IN USA" design and sample capabilities.

Our Mission Statement:

In today's society where our clothes often reflect our individuality, we should cherish the ability to stand apart from the crowd in the CockpitTM USA collection. Our passion is to preserve the heritage of American life styles and take pride in reminiscing about the classic iconic eras of American fashion.

The Cockpit USA customer is an adventure seeker and is never bound by the dictates of conventional society. He is a free thinker, with an inner strength and individual spirit inherent in personal self confidence. He is comfortable and in control, whether in the cockpit of a plane, boat, or car; his style is as personal as his diverse interests. He tailors new fads to judiciously represent his style with the old. Our customer takes pride in discerning the finest materials, authentic details, great fits and thoughtful design, all of which are characteristic of the timeless tradition of Cockpit USA.

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