As a high quality furniture and home decoration brand, we endeavor to develop every piece with an inspiring story behind. Our company always has been dedicated to embracing the skills and pride which went into developing, designing and crafting the original versions of our items.

Today, we still remain true to his ethos, while adding contemporary twists which make our pieces fit more pleasingly into modern day surroundings. Expressing an age-old spirit of exploration through highly attractive furnishings and accessories for today’s discerning customers, whilst clearly being characterized by style, leisure and adventure.


Looking towards a future of distinctive design and high quality, it’s individual craftsmanship that kicks back against a homogenized world of mass production. While design and materials create the potential for the beauty of a piece of furniture or accessory, craftmanship determines the final result.

All our handcrafted products are made with attention to detail, which makes each and every piece unique. The craftsmen who work on our collections are professionals and understand their trade meticulously. That’s why we believe that in crafting there are no mistakes, just unique creations.


For more than 50 years, Authentic Models has celebrated the adventurous past by recreating historically significant furniture, ornaments and objects in painstaking detail. Founded in the Netherlands in 1968, we are now selling our collections through a worldwide network of dedicated retail partners. Inspired by this adventurous past, we enable a delightful present by creating high quality furniture and decor, bringing the best of both worlds together.

Striving to impress and surprise in everything we do, we deliver designs with stories to tell. Enriching any space from traditional to modern minimalist all over the world. As we enter our second half-century, we find ourselves embarking on our own fresh new journey of discovery, marked with the introduction of a new-look designs that sparkle the mind.

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