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Falcon Pilot Case
Falcon Bags
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151617Combination LockCabin FriendlyLaptop Compartment

This fantastic pilot case is excellent value for money and is the perfect product for carrying around your items.

ASA Pro Flight Bag
In Stock

Bolsa de vuelo para piloto. Versátil y espaciosa, para llevar todo el material necesario de una manera cómoda y ordenada. 

ASA Trip Flight Bag
In Stock

Bolsa de vuelo para piloto fabricada con nylon. Ideal para llevar todos los elementos necesarios para una travesía de una manera cómoda y ordenada. 

Weekend Flight bag D4P
Design 4 Pilots
In Stock

This versatile bag is excellent for long travels, with many removable compartments. It is made from strong nylon and is padded all over.

The main bag has a large interior which can be divided depending on your needs.

On the front there is a fold-down pocket with various storage compartments and another for a radio or GPS. There are two removable bags fo headsets which can also be joined together as a double bag. You can also use the right one as an small backpack. On the back there is a toilet bag for clothes. It is removable too.

Bolsa Brightline B18 Hangar
Brightline Bags
In Stock

A Flight Bag or Travel Bag that can handle all your gear. Adaptable by adding or removing center sections as needed. Eight different bags can be built with the included modules. Eight bags for the price of one.

Bolsa Brightline B2 Compute
Brightline Bags
In Stock

An unbeatable 13" laptop bag, or a super slim Flight Bag. Room for both a 13" MacBook Pro AND an iPad AND some manila folders and documents. Remove the 2-inch Center Section and end up with the B0 SLIM. Two different bags for the price of one.

Bolsa Brightline B0 Slim
Brightline Bags
In Stock

The B-Zero SLIM is a clever daily bag for iPads, Ultrabooks, and assorted technology and personal items. Organize all your small stuff once and then you'll have everything with you no matter which configuration you build.

Pilot Case Airliner D4P
Design 4 Pilots
In Stock

This pilot case is constructed of tough nylon fibre. Its wheels and trolley handle (lockable in three positions) allow it to be carried comfortably over long distances. The main case can be secured with two combination locks. There are many compartments inside for tablets, labtops, manuals, charts... In the top folding cover you have also some compartments for bussines cards, pens and sunglasses. It also has two side pockets for various uses.

The front folder is removable, ideal for the most important documents, like flight plans, mass and balance sheets, logbooks...)

CrossCountry Flight bag D4P
Design 4 Pilots
In Stock

Light flight bag made of high-quality nylon and fully padded. The main compartment can be divided up in many ways to suit your needs.

The front pocket has various compartments for charts, flight plans, batteries, pens, tools...

The rear side is divided to store a radio or GPS and also store your headset in an independent removable bag.

Each side pocket are ideal for your tablet and your goods.

Bolsa Brightline B7 Flight
Brightline Bags
In Stock

Bolsa de vuelo Brightline flexible y con gran cantidad de bolsillos para llevar todo compartimentado. Dimensiones 36x33x27 cm.

The B7 FLIGHT is the FLEX version of our award-winning original Pilot Flight Bag updated to allow even more flexibility. The included modules let you build four bags for the price of one.

Bolsa ASA Flight Briefcase
In Stock

Designed with padded 600D Nylon, non-slip detachable carry-strap, and comfort grip handle, this handsome pilot briefcase has room for all your flight and ground school necessities.

Jeppesen Student Flight Bag
In Stock

Esta bolsa multifuncional es perfecta para alumnos piloto, mecánicos o aficionados a la aviación. Duradera, hecha de polímero con un revestimiento de PVC resistente al agua en un lado.

  • 7 bolsillos exteriores
  • 3 pequeños bolsillos exteriores para bolígrafos o linterna
  • Clip interior para llaves
  • Cinta para hombro desmontable
  • Cremallera de doble sentido
  • Base reforzada

Medidas: 28 cm x 40,5 cm x 14 cm