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From €825.62


BuckerBook, Distribuidor Oficial BOSE A20 en España

Los mejores auriculares para pilotos. Los cascos A20 han sido diseñados para ser más cómodos y para proporcionar una mayor reducción de ruido que ningunos otros auriculares nunca fabricados, al tiempo que ofrecen la calidad de audio que esperarías de Bose. Son unos de los auriculares de reducción de ruido activa más ligeros del mercado.

From €825.62


Start enjoying the comfort of the lightest ANR headsets from BOSE. Its innovative design and ergonomics are designed to offer you maximum comfort while enjoying the audio quality and noise cancellation that only the leader in active noise cancellation can offer you.

As an introductory offer for the purchase of your PROFLIGHT-2 headsets, get a holder for the control module of your BOSE PROFLIGHT headsets.

Don't hesitate any longer and start enjoying the sound of silence from your BOSE PROFLIGHT SERIES.





The AirClassics HS-1A headsets (headphones) offer the latest technology from the ASA brand. They are comfortable, stylish with their completely black color and premium audio. Its acoustic foam ear muffs allow a 23 dB noise reduction. The microphone with sound cancellation system is supported by a flexible arm. Gold-plated connectors allow for a better connection and helps against corrosion.

The cables are sturdy, mono and stereo capable and have two independent volume controls. The headband is adjustable and the microphone has a foam cover to reduce noise when breathing and speaking.

In addition, ASA offers us a complete user assistance solution thanks to its "lifetime warranty" program with which we can receive technical assistance directly from the manufacturer, and its "Replacement for use" program with which we can obtain new helmets. with unbeatable conditions if our helmets have stopped working properly due to their wear, which offers the tranquility and security that all users look for in a leading brand in the sector.

Do not think twice and start enjoying the benefits that the star brand of general aviation pilots offers you.

From €300.17


P/N 12508G-17

Headset, headphone for pilots H10-30, have proven to be one of the star products of David Clark thanks to its unbeatable value for money. Their classic design together with the latest technical advances give these headsets the characteristics that every pilot looks for in high-quality headsets. Its case equipped with exclusive David Clark ear cushions give you the comfort you need to enjoy these headsets for hours while its up to 24 dB of passive noise attenuation will allow you to focus on the flight, while its M-7 microphone with noise attenuation, together with the highest quality audio equipment will facilitate your communications clearly and clearly at all times.

Its rigid 1.5 meter cable gives it the mobility that every pilot needs in the cockpit, while its double pin connection makes these headsets suitable for almost all general aviation models.

These headsets are the perfect choice for pilot students or general aviation pilots who are looking for headsets to accompany them during long days of flight while enjoying the quality and reliability that only David Clark can offer.



P/N 404011G-01

The H10-13.4 headsets are still the best-selling headset model thanks to the fact that David Clark has managed to incorporate the latest technological advances in the sector into a classic design. Its casing made of latest generation composite materials provide great resistance and lightness, reducing its weight to 488 grams (without cable). Its cushions filled with the exclusive David Clark gel with heat dissipation function will allow you to use these headsets for hours without suffering marks on the skin, and their enveloping design gives you up to 23 dB of passive noise suppression. Its flexible noise-canceling boom microphone will allow for quick and easy placement in any position during flight, while its state-of-the-art headphones will allow you to enjoy crisp and clear communications at all times.

Without a doubt, these headsets are another example of the quality and reliability that David Clark has been offering to pilots since 1941, which makes them a very attractive option for general aviation pilots and student pilots who are looking for high quality headsets to accompany them from his first flights and during his professional career.



NSN 5965-01-360-0454

The H10-66 headset are part of the David Clark family of best-selling products for helicopter pilots thanks to their design and reliability. The quality of its audio equipment, together with its design and comfort make these helmets one of the benchmarks for all pilots worldwide. Its new comfort gel allows a smoother and more ergonomic fit of the earpiece to the ear, avoiding the appearance of marks on the skin after its continued use, and the design of its head pad allows it to be used in demanding operating environments. These headset are a highly recommended choice for general and commercial aviation pilots, or student pilots who want to have high quality headset to accompany them from their first flights in general aviation and during their professional career.


P/N 40600G-03

The Helicopter Headsets David Clark H10-13HXL are headsets for helicopter pilots, with electronic noise suppression (ENC).

Designed for the most demanding operations, while offering the exceptional comfort and communications that every pilot needs thanks to the innovative Electronic Noise Suppression (ENC) system, which reduces external noise by 17-22 dB above the systems of passive reduction. Being indicated for helicopters with low cabin insulation.


P / N 40411G-02

The Helicopter Headsets (Passive) David Clark H10-13H are one of the best-selling headphones for helicopter pilots worldwide, based on the successful David Clark H10-13.4 model, with passive noise suppression.

Designed to withstand the rigors of the cabin, while offering exceptional comfort and communications. having as an additional feature the incorporation of a 1.5m extended coil cable. (5 feet) that provides the necessary mobility and comfort in the cabin during the flight, equipped with a single U-174 / U plug, specific for this type of aircraft.


Los cascos Pilot P51C son unos auriculares especialmente diseñados para niños entre 1,5 a 10 años.



P/N 40495G-01

The H20-10 flight headsets manufactured by David Clark, with advanced composite materials that make it light and resistant, it is a model designed for the comfort of the pilot thanks to the patented floating pad system, exclusive and super soft and with heat suppression function, exerting minimal pressure on the head, thus avoiding the formation of marks on the skin after hours of continued use. Complemented by its innovative gel ear seals, which fit to the ears for a better seal, giving it up to 22 dB of passive noise reduction. comfortable and quiet. Its flexible rod noise-canceling microphone offers a quick and comfortable adjustment to any position during flight.

These headsets are a highly recommended choice for general aviation pilots or student pilots who are looking for professional headsets to accompany them from their first flights and throughout their professional career.




TELEX offers us the ultimate cry in ANR headsets with its new AIRMAN 8+ ANR. Its refined design based on years of experience in the sector offer us light helmets of only 190 grams, which together with its new padded ear pads with hygienic protector included and its new larger pad for the head will allow you to enjoy your flights in total comfort. But without a doubt, one of the functions that define these headsets is the active noise suppression (ANR) of up to 20 dB without the need for batteries thanks to its patented power design through the microphone, which will allow you to enjoy a pleasant flight for hours without noticing the effects of bulkier or heavier helmets. This headset is serve with either XLR-5 connector or Double jack connector. Last but not least, TELEX offers you these helmets with a fantastic semi-rigid case to safely and comfortably store your headsets.

Ready to enjoy the best TELEX helmets?



The Clarity Aloft Classic Headphones deliver clear stereo sound and noise reduction in incredibly lightweight headphones. It is used in a wide variety of aviation environments, including helicopters, aerobatics, ultralight aircraft, open cockpit aircraft, etc.

This in-ear headset takes passive noise cancellation to a whole new level, allowing you to reduce up to 29 dB. Canal Tip earplugs provide the highest level of acoustic protection by preventing sound from entering the ear canal. Small speakers and electret microphone provide great sound clarity while keeping weight to a minimum. Its volume control module will allow you to adjust the volume of the headphones quickly, while its audio input will allow you to connect your electronic devices to enjoy your favorite playlists at any time *. At just 42.52 grams, these headphones are perfect for long-haul flights. Standard dual plugs (PJ plugs) fit most GA aircraft.

Includes: 6 pairs of medium, small and large tips, exclusive ballistic nylon semi-rigid case, lapel clip, Quick Start Guide.

* NOTE: The control module has no music sound attenuation function when detecting incoming communications, so the music will sound at the same time as the radio communications. Make sure that the volume of the music does not interfere with communications and is not a distraction that could jeopardize the safety of the occupants of the aircraft.



P/N 404022G-01

The H10-13S Pilot Headset corresponds to the Stereo version of one of David Clark's best-selling headphones, the H10-13.4, also with a straight cable and double plug. The H10-13S headphones offer the quality of David Clark, which thanks to its new composite materials and its new gel for your pads, you can forget about the problems of support or the discomfort of weight. It has a certified noise reduction index of 23 dB and weighs only 468 gr. It features a flexible M-7 noise-canceling electret microphone and low-profile volume controls with detent adjustments, allowing you to adjust the microphone to the optimal position at all times while enjoying crisp communications and no background noise .

These helmets are indicated for general aviation pilots, or student pilots who want to have headsets that can accompany them during all phases of their training, as well as throughout their professional career.




The H10-56 headsets, thanks to their up to 27 dB of passive noise reduction, make these headsets one of the most successful models worldwide for helicopter pilots. Its pads made with the exclusive David Clark gel with heat suppression function prevent the formation of marks on the skin after hours of use of these headsets, which will allow you to face your flight days in the most demanding environments.

Its adjustable rod microphone will allow a stable adjustment quickly and comfortably, which together with its 1.5 meter cable with single-plug connection U-174 / U gives you the comfort and mobility that every pilot needs in the cockpit.

These headsets are a highly recommended choice for helicopter pilots who spend long hours in the cabin or student pilots looking for professional headsets to accompany them from their first flights and later during their professional career.



P/N 43106G-01

The new generation of DC PRO-2 passive headset  with noise attenuation combine exceptional comfort, performance and durability in a light, resting ear design. These headphones are ideal for commercial pilots flying on low-noise aircraft where electronic noise cancellation (ENC) technology is not required, especially  executive aircraft and the Airbus family. The PRO-2 DC headphones provide enhanced audio quality and clear, crisp voice transmission using advanced electret noise-cancelling microphones,   facilitating communications, especially in congested or unfamiliar air spaces. The DC PRO-2 Passive Headphones come with a 30-day warranty, Fly it Free, money back guarantee and 5-year warranty. Undoubtedly these headphones are a good choice for pilots who join their first airline or those who appreciate the quality and sharpness of communications and want to make the leap to a higher-quality headset.

From €739.67


P/N 43105G-01

Designed for airline pilots, the DC-PRO-X2 has proven to be a must-have for any pilot who appreciates the comfort and audio quality of good headset. Its new more ergonomic design with new composite materials provide greater resistance and lightness, which together with its new lighter head and ear pads with its exclusive material that helps heat dissipation, and its excellent electronic noise attenuation system (ENC) As a whole, they provide the characteristics that every pilot looks for for helmets of continuous use for their entire professional career.



Included in Box:

  • Nape Pad Part No. 18725G-01HA000
  • Suspension Liner Part No. 18677G-03
  • Helmet Shell Part No. 18847G-01


Clarity Aloft Link headsets are designed for the 21st century pilot. Their elegant and discreet design made of composite materials will allow you to wear these heladsets for hours without noticing the effects of their use on the neck and shoulders. Its foam pads fit snugly in your ear for up to 29 dB of passive noise attenuation.

But without a doubt the characteristic that best defines these headsets resides in its control module with Bluetooth function that can be detached from the  whole set if necessary. Thanks to its control system, you can simultaneously connect two electronic devices to your headphones, allowing you to connect your mobile phone and your music player at the same time. It also has an automatic volume attenuation system for linked devices when the control module detects an incoming communication in the headphones.

Purchase also includes:

6 pairs of medium tips, sample pairs of small and large tips, semi-rigid ballistic nylon carrying case, lapel clip, 2 AA batteries, Quick Start Guide and Owners Manual.



The Clarity Aloft Pro Plus Headsets are designed for the discerning professional rider who needs the ultimate in performance in TSO certified headsets. Robust cabling, an exceptionally stable microphone boom with noise canceling function and the incomparable comfort of Clarity Alloft products combine to make this the best choice for the professional pilot. The fact that the hearing protection is so good that you can use them without problems on a passenger plane, general aviation or aerobatic plane makes these headsets the most versatile option on the market, allowing you to enjoy your passion for flying. in any discipline with the same helmets.

The purchase also includes:

6 Pairs of Medium Pads, 1 Pair of Small and Large Headphones, Semi-Rigid Ballistic Nylon Case, Flap Clip, Quick Start Guide.



P/N 40411G-06

The H10-13X headset, based on the successful H10-13 model, thanks to its exclusive Electronic Noise Canceling System (ENC) and its state-of-the-art audio system, along with its head and ear pads with its dissipation function of heat, make these headsets the qualitative leap that every general aviation pilot needs to be able to enjoy their flight hours with the comfort and reliability that David Clark offers.