Aircraft Accidents Spain as a Protagonist (1928-1969) 8492345055 Air Crashes

Aircraft Accidents Spain as a Protagonist (1928-1969)


For Flight Safety specialists as well as commercial aviation lovers, this book gathers the history of more than 200 accidents, incidents or events that occurred to Spanish commercial aviation over national or foreign territories, as well as produced by foreign commercial aviation over Spain.

The importance of this book lies, among other aspects, in the enormous influence that aeronautical events exert on technical progress for the improvement of air safety. It is therefore necessary to have in-depth knowledge and study in order to avoid new air accidents.

All the facts studied here are in chronological order and its author, D. Carlos Salazar contributes more than 440 photographs, illustrations, maps, press clippings and diagrams that constitute by themselves a historical document of great value.

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This book studies air accidents in chronological order, in a historical period ranging from the late 20s to the late 60s. A historical review is made throughout 50 years in the section of events that, without a doubt, have had a great repercussion in the development of our commercial aviation.

Its central axis is the description of more than 200 accidents, incidents or events that altered the normal operation of Spanish commercial aircraft both in Spain and abroad, as well as foreign aircraft in the national territory.

As main sources of information, the author has turned to newspaper libraries, for the oldest accidents, and to official reports issued by States, manufacturers and/or airlines. Most of these reports have remained forgotten in the archives for decades and their compilation has been a laborious research work, which has been completed with a sample of the coverage of the moment, showing the social repercussion that these events had in their day. All this provides a global and historical vision that transcends the purely technical.


Author: Carlos Salazar González

Publisher: Asociación Aeroclásica/ Craftair

Language: Spanish

Format: Hardcover

Size: 29 cm. X 22.5 cm.

No. of pages: 269

ISBN: 8492345055

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