Aerodinámica y Actuaciones del Avión 13.ª Edición 9788428337458 Paraninfo Aerodynamics & Performance

Aerodinámica y Actuaciones del Avión 13.ª Edición


Since its first edition, this work has undergone both expansions and improvements in the exposition of concepts. The content has been adapted to the requirements and the increase in the level of training of pilots by the aeronautical authorities.

In this thirteenth edition, corrected and updated, care has been taken to update some topics related to FAA and JAA (EASA) regulations.

Born as a textbook for Iberia pilots, its study has become essential not only for pilots, both military and civilian but also for flight mechanics, operations technicians, flight dispatchers, and air traffic controllers.

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The content of the work covers the following subjects: characteristics of the atmosphere; elementary concepts of fluid dynamics; origin of aerodynamic forces; the influence of wing planform; hypersonic devices; performances of piston-engine aircraft; performances of jet-engine aircraft; flight at high speeds, effects of compressibility; requirements, speeds and distances for takeoffs, landings and en route; takeoff and landing performances; structural limitations, maneuvering diagram; generalities on static and dynamic stability; longitudinal stability; directional and lateral stability; shock and expansion waves and supersonic flight.

It also includes two appendices and a useful thesaurus of acronyms. The text, declared of aeronautical utility by the Spanish Air Force, has been distributed since the first edition both in Spain and throughout Latin America, and has been recommended by aeronautical schools and official bodies in different countries, which attests to the high quality of this work.

Aníbal Isidoro Carmona, Ph.D. in aeronautical engineering, is a specialist in the training of pilots and technicians directly involved in flight operations. He has extensive professional experience as an instructor at the Iberia Crew Instruction Center, at the CASA Teaching Center, and as a professor at the Madrid School of Aeronautical Engineering.


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