• 79,90€

    This is an interactive desktop flight simulator created to help instrument-rated pilots maintain proficiency in the maneuvers outlined in the FAA instrument currency requirements and prepare for the Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC). Unlike any other desktop flight simulator available on the market today, Instrument Refresher — An IPC Simulator is a comprehensive tutorial and training

  • 49,95€

    CD para aprender a usar y sacar el máximo partido a los GPS KLN 89B, KLN 94, GNS 430, GNS 530, GX 50/60 y GPSMAP 295.

  • 245,00€

    The full-featured ELITE software with the most popular IFR training aircraft, the Cessna 172R and Piper Archer III. ELITE has the necessary detail to provide a superior training experience. All switches, knobs, buttons and levers, are fully functional allowing complete start-up to shutdown, as well as emergency procedural practice. Each photorealistic aircraft cockpit panel is a beautifully

  • 174,27€

    Software de simulación para preparar el examen de Instrumental. Este simulador te permite aprender y practicar los procedimientos operacionales instrumentales.

  • 59,90€

    The Complete G1000 Course will help you transition from steam-gauge "round dials" to the Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) glass cockpit environment. This interactive software allows you to practice becoming proficient in operating the G1000 from the safety and privacy of your home or office computer. The intuitive software interface makes this as easy to use as reading a book.

  • 49,95€

    Gain a mind’s-eye perspective by viewing cockpit instrumentation, approach plate, and overhead map simultaneously!