Logbook/Diario de Vuelo

Pilot European Logbook Jeppesen (JAA)


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For recording aircraft, flight, pilot information, and instructor endorsements. Meets EU FCL .050 Requirements.

Entry Sections Include:

  • Holder’s Name, License Number, and Address

  • Pilot’s Information: License, Rating, Type Ratings, Flight Proficiency and Medical History

  • Date, Departure, Arrival

  • Aircraft (Make, Model Variant and Registration)

  • Single Pilot Time, Multi-Pilot Time, Total Time of Flight

  • Name PIC

  • Takeoffs, Landings (Day and Night)

  • Operational Condition Time (Night, IFR)

  • Pilot Function Time (Pilot-In-Command, Co-Pilot, Dual, Instructor)

  • Synthetic Training Devices Session (Date, Type, Total Time of Session)

  • Remarks and Endorsements, Pilot’s Signature

  • Pilot Record: Single Engine Piston, Multi Engine Piston, Single Engine Turboprop, etc.

  • Takeoffs, Landings, Instrument (Actual, Simulated)

  • Flight Simulator, Night, Solo, Pilot in Command, Second in Command, Dual Received

  • Cross-Country (Instruction Received, Solo, Pilot in Command)

  • Instruction Given (PPL, CPL, ATPL, Instrument, Multi Engine)

  • Aircraft Record by Manufacturer and Model

  • Endorsements and Notes

Length Metric (centimeters): 28.6 cm
Height Metric (centimeters): 17.1 cm