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Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot 9780974261300 N/A Piloto Comercial - ATPL
Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot 9780974261300 N/A Piloto Comercial - ATPL

Everything Explained for the Professional Pilot

This is a big book. Full of everything aviation. And, we do mean everything. This ultimate reference book explains all aspects of aviation from props to heavy jets.

57,60 €
Impuestos incluidos

Here's just a little of what you'll find

Everything you need to know about airspace and airports

A real world look at instrument flight from beginning to end. What's legal and what's not.

Everything about navigation, radios, and antennas, including GPS, WAAS, ADS-B, HF, and more

The interrelationship of speed, altitude, and jet/turbine operations. An incredible chapter.

All the details about your certificates, documents, logging time, drugs, and your medical.

Everything about weather, icing, NOTAMs, and FSS direct back door cell phone numbers

Part 135 and Part 121 operations - definitions, W&B, qualifications, FT&D

Commercial operations - OpSpecs, ramp checks, checkrides, PRIA

How to handle an emergency and what to do if you're charged with a violation

Reference tables, virtually every rule of thumb, conversions and much, much more.

Really, there's just too much in this book to summarize here. Take a peek at the Table of Contents (pdf) and try to find something that isn't covered.

Private Pilot Magazine Senior Editor Norm Goyer read through the book and said, "KEEP THIS ONE!"

In April 2004, Flying Magazine said "EVERYTHING EXPLAINED packs together a wealth of funny explanations, cheesy clip art and tons of graphs and illustrations to actually make it, believe it or not, FUN to bone up on the regs!"


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