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19,95 €

Explore the 10 most significant accident threat categories and learn the best practices in dealing with them.

19,95 €

The Advanced Avionics Handbook is a new publication designed to provide general aviation users with comprehensive information on advanced avionics equipment available in technically advanced aircraft. This handbook introduces the pilot to flight operations in aircraft with the latest integrated “glass cockpit” advanced avionics systems.

19,95 €

Effective cockpit routines for pilots and virtual aviators.

32,62 €

Now you can truly master an understanding of the phenomenon of flight. This practical guide is the most intuitive introduction to basic flight mechanics available. Understanding Flight, Second Edition, explains the principles of aeronautics in terms, descriptions, and illustrations that make sense--without complicated mathematics. Updated to include helicopter flight fundamentals and aircraft structures, this aviation classic is required reading for new pilots, students, engineers, and anyone fascinated with flight.

20,00 €

This edition of Collins's and Bradley's Confident Flying: A Pilot Upgrade examines the role the pilot plays in the outcome of all flights.

19,95 €

Descripcion en construccion. Disponible en unos dias

69,00 €
  • 308 Pages
  • 538 Colored graphics, graphs and pics
  • 132 Text pages (English)
  • 132 Graphic Pages
  • 166 Formulas
  • 84 Tables General Directory, Specific Directory Complete Directory
  • Keyword Index
24,95 €

A series of short courses in a wide variety of aviation subjects of interest to all pilots who want to improve their flying skills and enjoyment. Taylor covers these topics with his own brand of insight.

26,00 €

Descripcion en construccion. Disponible en unos dias

39,95 €

A comprehensive orientation to aviation — find out what's involved with learning to fly and earning a pilot's license in this streamlined approach to flight training.

29,95 €

A powerful new resource for flight instructors and their students, with insights into the challenges of training in the new millennium.

33,70 €

Impresión: B & N

Páginas: 400

Formato: 17 x 24 cm

Edición: 2008

Peso: 0,64 kg.

Editorial: Paraninfo

79,90 €

In cooperation with EASA, Jeppesen provides the new General Student Pilot Route Manual (GSPRM) for EASA ATPL exams.

24,95 €

Essential reading for anyone who aspires to fly for an airline. Provides transition from general aviation procedures to managing the left seat of a typical airline cockpit.

98,90 €

This book, Number 13 in the series of 14, entitled Principles of Flight, covers the EASA ATPL syllabus and Learning Objectives for this subject and also includes specimen revision and test questions and answers.

It covers a range of topics from basic aerodynamic theory to transonic and supersonic flight and aims to help pilots master the fundamental principles upon which flight depends. Such an understanding is vital to gaining a full appreciation of the flight characteristics of aircraft.

Mastery of this subject is an essential attribute of the safe and proficient pilot.

81,90 €

This book, Number 6 in the series of 14, entitled Mass & Balance and Performance, comprehensively covers the EASA ATPL syllabus and Learning Objectives for this subject and also includes specimen revision and test questions and answers.

It covers all the knowledge and principles needed to enable a pilot to check that an aircraft is correctly loaded and balanced for safe and efficient operation. Also included is the theory required to operate an aircraft safely in all phases of flight. Single-engine, multi-engine and class A aircraft are all studied.

14,95 €

FAA AC 00-6B reprint. Meteorology textbook.