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19,18 €

Effective cockpit routines for pilots and virtual aviators.

38,41 €

A Practical Guide to Transform Your Safety Program into a Functioning Safety Management System

23,99 €

Essential reading for anyone who aspires to fly for an airline. Provides transition from general aviation procedures to managing the left seat of a typical airline cockpit.

20,00 €

Prepares pilots for the unique considerations involved with night operations; packed with useful information and practical techniques.

67,26 €

Airport Management is an up-to-date and industry-relevant textbook providing useful insight into all aspects of airports. With more than a decade of experience as an airport administrator, author Dr. Daniel Prather, A.A.E., CAM, provides a valuable, real-world perspective with an emphasis on the practical application required for the successful management and operation of airports.

28,80 €

IFR operations and procedural handbook for real-world use; explains for instrument-rated pilots how best to use the system they've been trained for.

19,18 €

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48,03 €

Examines Federal Aviation Regulations governing air carrier operations. Helps readers gather the background information they need to identify relevant regulations and apply them to their operation.

33,61 €

Proven tactics and PIC strategies for the professional aviator flying turbine aircraft—and those aspiring to do so.

33,61 €

This FAA handbook provides knowledge for earning the Aviation Maintenance Technician certificate, Airframe section. The FAA Airframe test questions are drawn from here. Last updated in 2012, this new edition has been updated to reflect current technologies, equipment and procedures.

48,03 €

A comprehensive guide to one of the best-paying Federal government careers, including test preparation for the initial Air Traffic Control exams. Includes software suite!

57,64 €

How to fly your airplane through all the maneuvers for Private and Commercial certification.

68,75 €

Descripcion en construccion. Disponible en unos dias

16,30 €

This FAA handbook provides tools to help pilots determine and assess each situation for the safest possible flight with the least amount of risk.

57,64 €

All the aeronautical knowledge required to pass the FAA exams, IFR checkride, and operate as an Instrument-Rated pilot. Volume 3 of the series.

19,61 €

This book provides a useful and informative reference for night flying and specifies requirements for the night rating syllabus. Contains many drawings, photographs and illustrations and details standard procedures and safety aspects involved in night flying. 

38,37 €

The ICAO/FAA IFR PROCEDURES handbook is edited in an attractive readable format illustrated with numerous drawings and tables. The book explains commercial and airline pilots the differences between ICAO and FAA Instrument Flight Procedures. In contrast to the FAA open access policy, pilots rarely have access to ICAO Documents (subscription or a fee is required), that’s why this book is unique; there is no other book in the world that includes both procedures in one document.

63,37 €

This book, Number 12 in the series of 14, entitled Operational Procedures, covers the EASA ATPL syllabus and Learning Objectives for this subject and also includes specimen revision and test questions and answers.

Operators of aircraft must ensure that both aircrew and ground crew comply with all procedures required by national and international law, and that crews have access to all information essential to the safe conduct of flights and associated activities, whether in the air or on the ground.

This book deals with ICAO annexes, EU-OPS and NAT MNPS documents relevant to these requirements.

18,37 €

The 5th Edition of A Guide to EU-OPS 1 & JAR-OPS 3 includes the addition of amendment 2 to EU-OPS 1. EU-OPS 1 & JAR-OPS 3 covers the operational requirements of any civil aircraft operated as a commercial air transport flight. EU-OPS 1 applies to aeroplane operators whose main place of business is within an EU Member State. Whereas JAR-OPS 3 applies to helicopter operators whose main place of business is within a JAA Member State.

32,69 €

This guide can help you apply the best prevention, management, and correction strategies for all in-flight emergencies. This is the best way to prepare for the unexpected-and to fly more confidently and safely