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41,28 €

Código 3060-10

Transforme cualquier habitación en una cabina de piloto de aviación (Cockpit) con este reloj colocado sobre la replica de la pantalla de un instrumento de aviación indicador de altura (Altimeter).

Un excelente reloj de cuarzo de alta calidad, para colocar en la pared de tu casa o despacho, fabricado en los Estados Unidos de América.

80,77 €

Up-To-Date Coverage of Every Aspect of Commercial Aviation Safety Completely revised edition to fully align with current U.S. and international regulations, this hands-on resource clearly explains the principles and practices of commercial aviation safety—from accident investigations to Safety Management Systems. Commercial Aviation Safety, Sixth Edition, delivers authoritative information on today's risk management on the ground and in the air. The book offers the latest procedures, flight technologies, and accident statistics. You will learn about new and evolving challenges, such as lasers, drones (unmanned aerial vehicles), cyberattacks, aircraft icing, and software bugs. Chapter outlines, review questions, and real-world incident examples are featured throughout. Coverage includes: • ICAO, FAA, EPA, TSA, and OSHA regulations • NTSB and ICAO accident investigation processes • Recording and reporting of safety data • U.S. and international aviation accident statistics • Accident causation models • The Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (HFACS) • Crew Resource Management (CRM) and Threat and Error Management (TEM) • Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) and Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) • Aircraft and air traffic control technologies and safety systems • Airport safety, including runway incursions • Aviation security, including the threats of intentional harm and terrorism • International and U.S. Aviation Safety Management Systems

8,26 €


Equípate para hacer frente al COVID-19 con estilo gracias a las mascarillas Buckerbook. Ahora podrás dar un toque aeronáutico a este nuevo complemento indispensable para nuestro día a día. No esperes más y hazte con la tuya!

20,66 €

This unique mug pays tribute to the mighty engines that power today's Boeing jets.


Colorful gift box shows the full aircraft and has cutouts that provide a peek at the mug inside

Holds 16 oz

Hand wash only

Not microwavable

Measures 5 1/8"H x 3 1/8"D

37,18 €

Keep track of the time around the world. Just turn the airplane to the desired time zone and the clock changes to the corresponding time.


Measures approximately 6.5"L x 3.5"W x 2"H


30,57 €

The Boeing World Time Alarm Clock is a small table or travel clock with a Greenwich Mean Time inner turning ring. Turn the ring to check all 24 corresponding time zones.


Measures 2.8"L X 1.25" W X 2.8" H

Quartz alarm movement

Battery included

23,96 €

Carbon fiber -- the low-density material used in the innovative 787 Dreamliner -- is the inspiration behind this one-of-a-kind writing set.


Ballpoint pen (INK COLOR)

Mechanical pencil

Made from brass, steel, and real carbon fiber

Boeing logo laser-engraved on upper barrel

Comes in a black gift box with magnetic closure

5,79 €

Parche oficial de tela del fabricante americano Boeing.

57,84 €

The Boeing 787-9 is a stretched version of the original Dreamliner. Boeing has delivered more than 225 of these popular jets.

A unified look for an unrivaled family. Refreshed in 2019, the new Boeing Commercial Airplanes livery system drives a visual consistency across our passenger airplanes that mirrors our “family of families" approach.


This high-quality 1:200-scale plastic model of the 787-9 features accurate details and updated livery

It comes with a wooden display stand and metal identification plaque and would be a perfect addition to any collection

Ages 14 and up

Measures 7"H x 12"L x 15.25"W

57,84 €

The Boeing 787-8 was the first Dreamliner to enter service, and Boeing has delivered more than 340 of these advanced twin-aisle jets.

A unified look for an unrivaled family. Refreshed in 2019, the new Boeing Commercial Airplanes livery system drives a visual consistency across our passenger airplanes that mirrors our “family of families" approach.


High-quality 1:200-scale plastic model

Comes with a wooden display stand and metal identification plaque

Ages 14 and up

Measures 7.5"H x 11.5"L x 12"W

57,84 €

This 737 MAX 9 model bears the newest Dreamliner tail with no-glue snap fit precision-moulded plastic construction including landing gears and a wooden display stand.


95% ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic

1:200 scale

Length: 8.3"

Height (including landing gear): 2.4"

Height (including stand): 4.6"

Wingspan: 7"

Not intended for children