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Impresión: B & N

Páginas: 360

Formato: 19 x 26 cm

Edición: 2008

Peso: 0,73 kg.

Editorial: Paraninfo

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Traditionally known as the "blue maneuvers book," this handbook complies with current practical test standards and regulations.

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Presents background needed to learn international and oceanic operations.

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JNC scale, topographical charts are used showing over 4,500 airports Waypoints, VOR/DME, NDB´s and special use airspace are included, plus weather frequencies, points of interest, landmarks, airport-directory with ICAO-codes, railways, rivers, major highways, just to name a few. Airports are colour coded by runway length and surface. International/ regional Aerodromes are coded by symbol shape. Pilots now have the ability to point out objects on the ground or know immediately where they are in relation to surrounding airports or points of interest: an all-in-one source of information for pre-flight or during flight.

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Base cartography is the US Road-Atlas 1: 2.000.000 which includes mountain ranges, lakes, rivers, etc. . As well, all other elements such as, cities, towns. Parks and points of interest or historic value and of course, the railways and motor-ways themselves.

To this, we have added all airports in USA (over 5,500) and colour coded them by runway length /surface and category ,ie. International, Regional, Civil/Military, etc.. VOR/DME , Reporting points, Waypoints), Volmet frequencies and special Use Airspace are also shown making our new "Pilots' Atlas" the first of it’s kind.

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Provides basic common sense instruction in the use of cockpit automation equipment prevelant in today's fleet of GA airplanes, with emphasis on the Garmin G430. Includes bonus DVD.

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Gran cantidad de libros han recogido los principios básicos de la navegación aérea y los avances obtenidos por aplicación de las nuevas tecnologías. Sin embargo, se echaba en falta una obra en castellano que recopilara los conocimientos de la nueva normativa europea de la forma más práctica posible.

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Descripcion en construccion. Disponible en unos dias

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Descripcion en construccion. Disponible en unos dias

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Descripcion en construccion. Disponible en unos dias

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This book, Number 10 in the series of 14, entitled General Navigation, comprehensively covers the EASA ATPL syllabus and Learning Objectives for this subject and also includes specimen revision and test questions and answers.

It deals with every aspect of classical air navigation - from basic pilot navigation to advanced plotting. The numerous coloured diagrams and maps will help the future professional pilot to master this absorbing subject which many students, in the past, have found to be the greatest hurdle to passing the ATPL theoretical examinations.

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In Northern Europe it is rare to see two consecutive days when the weather is perfect for flight without reference to instruments. If a pilot wants to operate in the greatest variety of weather conditions and airspace, he must be capable of interpreting the instruments and must know and understand the procedures that have been designed to safely transport an aircraft and its passengers from one airport to another, in even the most difficult of weather conditions and exacting of airspace.

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This book has been written to give a comprehensive background for the understanding and use of the two radio aids and the Radio Magnetic Indicator. It is not in any way a substitute for practical training and instruction.

The important fact to be remembered is, that to make full use of instrument navigation systems, it is necessary to hold an instrument rating. An I.M.C. rating is not the same thing and, useful as it is, represents only a proportion of the training required.

The instrument descents into Guernsey and Jersey are included to give that extra depth of understanding to the basic exercises, and as an introduction to the more advanced techniques.

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This book, Number 11 in the series of 14, entitled Radio Navigation, comprehensively covers the EASA ATPL syllabus and Learning Objectives for this subject and also includes specimen revision and test questions and answers.

It covers the radio navigation facilities available for the navigation of aircraft during departure, en route and approach, as well as the radar facilities used for the control of aircraft and for ensuring in-flight safety. The latest global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) are also covered.

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"El secreto es aprender y practicar"


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In cooperation with EASA, Jeppesen provides the new General Student Pilot Route Manual (GSPRM) for EASA ATPL exams.

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Jeppesen's Guided Flight Discovery Instrument/Commercial Manual provides the most complete explanations of aeronautical concepts for professional pilots through the use of colorful illustrations and full color photos. This primary source for initial study and review includes Principles of Instrument Flight, The Flight Environment, Instrument Charts and Procedures, Aviation Weather and IFR Flight Operations and Commercial Pilot Operations, as well as an introductory look at Building Professional Experience. The most comprehensive and visually appealing Instrument/Commercial Manual ever!

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