The UNOFFICIAL Airbus A320 Simulator & Checkride


The CREAM OF THE CROP!!! Highly recommended! Written for the use of professional airline pilots in preparation for the check-ride and initial transition training. Terrific resource for Pilots and Simmers alike.

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Two Books in One! Brand new and a training TOUR-DE-FORCE. This massive 400+ page manual is simply beautiful. The full color pages are not only written in an interesting and readable style; but this book is also THE training tool-set for discovering and mastering the finer points of Airbus flying. A terrific bargain.
Created for the professional "Bus" driver as an aid in preparing for the Check-ride. But favored by enthusiasts and flight simmers as the go-to guide for all those details about flying the Airbus A320.

About 400 pages
Full color
6" X 8 1/2"
Wire "O" bound with wrap-around cover (for lay flat use)

NEW! The Un-Official Airbus A320 Simulator and Checkride Procedures Manual

"Captain Mike Ray has written about flying the Airbus 320 ... this manual, while intended specifically for the professional airline pilot, would make a terrific addition to any serious flight simmers library. It is a huge document with 400 pages of lavish full color diagrams and descriptions and accompanied by textual explanations written so that even the most unfamiliar person can become an Airbus A320 expert.

The book is titled "The Unofficial Airbus 320 Simulator Manual" and is in keeping with the other manuals Captain Mike has written. Written with the watchful guidance of an FAA A320 Check Captain at a major airline ... when completed, he remarked, 'It is a work of art!" And it is a beautiful four color offset book that is pleasing aesthetically as well as choked full of definitive technical information.

The 6 X 8 1/2 inch size is complemented by the unique lay-flat wire-o binding. Covered with a laminated wrap around cover it is intended for constant use around the computer workplace. the paper was carefully chosen to allow marking and pen notations to be made. The hefty volume will be a constant companion for those simmers who want to master the operation of the Airbus 320 family of airplanes."