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15,70 €

Libro "Vuelo Seguro" escrito por Ramón Alonso, campeón del mundo de vuelo acrobático. Se trata de un libro sencillo de leer donde podrás encontrar como recuperar una pérdida o una barrena, entre otras muchas cosas, situaciones que te podrán ocurrir en cualquier vuelo rutinario.

19,23 €

This edition of Collins's and Bradley's Confident Flying: A Pilot Upgrade examines the role the pilot plays in the outcome of all flights.

19,18 €

Descripcion en construccion. Disponible en unos dias

28,80 €

A powered parachute (PPC) is a category of aircraft that requires the pilot to inflate the wing (parachute) and then control the aircraft with a “pendulum configuration” of the cart hanging below it. This unique and fun aircraft is an evolution of ultralight aircraft including the parachute, paraglider, and powered paraglider. This new FAA handbook introduces the basic pilot skills and knowledge essential for piloting powered parachutes. It benefits student pilots just beginning their PPC endeavors, as well as those pilots wishing to improve their flying proficiency and aeronautical knowledge, and flight instructors engaged in the instruction of both students and licensed pilots.

23,99 €

Subtitled Secrets of the Successful CFI, this book provides a wealth of information for instructors to keep students coming in and keep their training effective.

20,00 €

Join authors J.D. Lewis and LeRoy Cook in a detailed exploration of the incredible Cessna Caravan.

66,35 €
  • 308 Pages
  • 538 Colored graphics, graphs and pics
  • 132 Text pages (English)
  • 132 Graphic Pages
  • 166 Formulas
  • 84 Tables General Directory, Specific Directory Complete Directory
  • Keyword Index
16,30 €

This text is for those wishing to find out about how to become a private, commercial, airline or military pilot. This new edition contains full details of changes to flight-crew licensing, the instrument weather rating (being proposed to replace Instrument Meteorological Condition Rating), and the National Vocational Qualification - Piloting Transport Aircraft. The book explains fixed-wing and helicopter training courses and lists contacts and addresses in the industry and of flying schools and clubs. All the lists have been updated and include telephone and fax numbers. The book is not intended as a training manual, but as a reference source.

19,18 €

Guidance for Instructors Creating Pilots

19,18 €

Adventures and opportunities for the newly certificated pilot.

38,41 €

Open up a whole new world of recreation by learning to fly, land and takeoff in remote and challenging landscapes.

19,18 €

Outstanding for its clarity and readability, this book covers such diverse topics as slip tips, takeoff techniques, crosswind landings, scud running, flying the ILS, emergency tactics, and multi-engine flying.

36,06 €

Experience deeper levels of meaning, satisfaction, and awareness with this guide to turning your flying into an art form. With a foreward by Rod Machado.

19,18 €

A guide to using desktop flight simulators for instrument training and proficiency.

20,67 €

A collection of anecdotes covering aviation expert Bill Kershner’s most memorable experiences.

19,18 €

The author shares his tricks of the trade for handling a variety of system failures and emergenices in clear and easy to read text, with helpful drawings and diagrams throughout.

19,18 €

FAA official handbook (FAA-H-8083-9A), a comprehensive resource for all instructors.

28,80 €

Descripcion en construccion. Disponible en unos dias

67,26 €

Integrated Private and Instrument Curriculum. The most efficient way to train for your personal transportation solution!

19,18 €

The latest in Schiff's series goes even beyond the wealth of flying know-how readers gained from The Proficient Pilot, Volumes 1 and 2.