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Reporting Clear? 9781560275091 ASA Entrevistas
Reporting Clear? 9781560275091 ASA Entrevistas

Reporting Clear?

Before aspiring airline pilots can make it to the interview, they need to pass the "paperwork review." Reporting Clear is the definitive pilot's interview guide to background checks and presentation of personal history. Author Cheryl Cage offers an easy, step-by-step guide for the pilot conducting his/her own background check. Titles, addresses, phone numbers, and website information for the agencies they must contact are all here.


19,18 €
Impuestos incluidos

Reporting Clear provides answers to many questions including:

What exactly is the Pilot Records Improvement Act?

How does this Act impact pilots?

Why are the airlines interested in every area of the pilot’s background?

What can pilots do to lower concern about a problem area?

What is an addendum, when do pilots need one, and how do they write one?

Cheryl gives you guidance on how to discuss negatives (we all have them!) in your history. Learn what "problem area" paperwork you must provide to an interviewer. She covers the most common mistakes made by pilots and gives specific advice on how to confidently and concisely present background information to an interviewer!


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