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Carta Air Million VFR Francia Weekend 2019 AM.FRAW.19 Editerra Cartas VFR
Carta Air Million VFR Francia Weekend 2019 AM.FRAW.19 Editerra Cartas VFR

Carta Air Million VFR Francia Weekend 2019

Enjoy your weekends to discover France from the sky with the AIR MILLION Weekend and Bank Holiday 2019

This map covers the entire French territory on a 1: 1,000,000 duplex sheet. The map includes all the AIP information needed for the flight: airspace from CFS to FL180, controlled areas and restricted areas active on weekdays only and includes aerodromes, radio means etc.

All with a completely revised graphic charter, for more clarity and simplicity.

Explore new horizons with the AIR MILLION Europe card range


14,42 €
Impuestos incluidos

On this map of France on a scale of 1: 1 million face all airspace SFC to FL180, except inactive areas on weekends and holidays, including all military training zones and RTBA (network very low altitude). This chart therefore has the advantage of being lighter compared to the Weekday version Weekend and Bank Holidays (that's more than 350 deactivated spaces!).

Of course, all the areas of class A to E therein as well as nearly 1000 airports, land AIP, private or ULM (BASULM) and natural parks, VFR reporting points, VFR routes and means navigation (VOR, VORDME and NDB) are included.

Major improvements over previous editions:

  • overhaul of the graphic overlay of aviation
  • overhaul of the geographical background to improve readability of map
  • reintegration 1 hundreds Frequency areas and AD
  • new design for AD cartridges (with name, ICAO code, altitude, call frequency, approach and ATIS)


Product dimensions: 12 cm x 25 cm (folded format), 130 x 50 cm (open format).


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